Laser Safety Courses

Laser Safety Services courses cater for those who desire general knowledge about laser hazards and those who require specific laser safety training to become Laser Safety Officers as required by the manufacturing, construction, packaging, surveying, advertising and entertainment industries. To cater for different needs we provide two types of laser safety training:

General Laser Safety Courses.  Register Interest

  • Basic Laser Safety (2.5 hrs)
  • Laser Safety Officer (6 hours)

Download Laser Safety Services General Course descriptions (53k PDF).

Building and Construction Industry Laser Safety Courses.  Register Interest or Book online for current courses.

  • Laser Safety Officer – Building and Construction (3-4 hrs)

Download Laser Safety Services course descriptions for the building and construction industry (81k PDF).  Includes related industries such as mining and timber.

Both courses Laser Safety Officer and Basic Laser Safety are non-accredited courses, but comply with the recommendations of current Australian general laser safety standards (AS/NZ IEC 60825) and industry specific standards such as AS 2397 – Safe use of lasers in the building and construction industry.

Laser Safety Services training courses include an assessment, which on completion will qualify participations for a course certificate.  There are three levels of attainment, based on the assessment result.

Note for Medical and Cosmetic Laser Users

We don’t currently offer courses suitable for those in medical, cosmetic or tattoo industries, using lasers on human skin.  For suppliers, please see the lists provided by Qld Radiation Health and WA Radiological Council.  Both lists include providers at locations across Australia and include radiation and laser safety courses.

Flexible Course Delivery

The content of our courses is designed to allow training to be completed incrementally. If a participant has completed the Basic Laser Safety course, they only need do a half day to qualify for a Laser Safety Officer certificate.

Please contact us if you require further details.

6-month FREE post-course support for every participant

We believe that learning shouldn’t stop when a participant walks out the door at the end of a course. That’s why each participant gets comprehensive course notes, plus 6 months free after course support for questions relevant to the course content. This service allows attendees to tap into our expertise to expand their laser safety knowledge or just clarify something they may have missed on the day.

What’s different about our
Laser Safety Training?

We offer:

  • highly qualified consultants and trainers, with PhD level education and up to 20 years experience in developing and operating a wide range of laser equipment
  • training delivered by an experienced Laser Safety Officer and Laser Safety Assessor
  • flexible, personalised delivery
  • 6 months free post-course advice for every participant.

This means:

  • we don’t just deliver material, we can provide examples from real-life experience and clear, informed responses to questions about your particular circumstances
  • you have the option of on-site delivery at dates and times convenient to you
  • your participants have the opportunity to keep learning long after they have left the course.