Laser Consultancy

We provide a range of laser consultancy services and professional advice on general optical system design.

Work site assessments and advice:

Unsure if the control measures for your laser application are adequate to protect your operators and others?

You are not alone. Many of Australia’s leading miners, manufacturers, packagers, surveyors and many others faced the same dilemma. We’ve helped them to create zero harm laser operations and peace of mind for their workplace health and safety officers and managers. Our consultants have extensive laser safety and auditing experience and can perform laser safety assessments and audits in your laser environment and give you clear, comprehensive advice on how best to manage the laser hazard.

Laser safety audits:

Are the laser safety processes you have in place are adequate and compliant?

A laser safety audit can provide you with reassurance and/or instruction on how to reduce risks associated with laser use. Laser Safety Services will perform an onsite evaluation of your procedures and offer clear advice regarding what changes are required to the work environment, staff training and laser operations to achieve compliance with organizational, national and, where applicable, international laser safety standards.

Laser safety calculations:

Are you unsure of how far your laser hazard zone extends? Or whether the modifications made on a laser system changed its classification and its hazard level?

Evaluation of key parameters like Accessible Emission Limits (AELs), Maximum Permissible Exposures (MPEs) and Nominal Ocular Hazard Distances (NOHDs) can be complex but are essential to design and maintain a safe laser working environment. Laser safety Services can perform these calculations for you, or verify yours, to ensure that you comply with all the regulations, codes of practice and standards that apply to your particular laser activity. This includes laser product reclassification when modifications are made to an existing laser system.

Optical Design Services:

Do you need to improve the throughput of your optical assembly but are not sure of what to change?

With our extensive laser and laser application experience we can assist you in the design of your optical system or layout. We use a range of in-house software and ZemaxTM ray tracing software to:

  • Determine the optics required to deliver specific beam properties
  • Efficiently couple light to and from optical components
  • Evaluate level of aberrations and identify strategies to remove them

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